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Krafthub the place where you find products from ethnic and unique India.

We put our efforts to make all the specialties from each part of India available to our customers. This helps each and every artist of India to make their art reach entire globe.

We specialize in reaching to every artist having antique, traditional, ethnic and handmade products of India. India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari has diversity in specialties of Art & Artists, which is scattered and still out of reach from most of the world.

We i.e. team at Krafthub are attempting to reach them and make them available on a single platform.

This attempt will not only give unique platforms to Indian Artists to showcase their products to entire globe but would also help them increase their earnings vis-à-vis their livelihood.

India is a place of various regional culture, traditions and values. We have a vision of capturing these all under one roof i.e. Krafthub and making them available to entire globe.

This would help revive and survive these rare pieces of Art. Also this would help customers to reach and discover, hidden treasure and rare available India under a roof i.e. Krafthub.

Team Krafthub is doing their best to make every part of India available to customers with very less efforts which would have been put in general course of action.


We value your suggestions, please do write us and give us feedback on how we can contribute more and more to succeed in our vision.

Team Krafthub